Install a New Outdoor Living Area

Work with our expert-led patio installation team to make an oasis in Ilion, NY

Imagine a new outdoor retreat on your property, maybe tucked into a quiet part of your backyard or wrapped around the side of your building. You can create a getaway like this with the patio installation professionals of Greystone Construction in Ilion, NY.

Our patio installation team offers:

Stamped concrete patio installation services
Traditional concrete patio installation services
Paver patio installation services

Plus, we can add unique features to your new patio, like an outdoor kitchen that gives you an excellent place to prepare food, looks fantastic and boosts your property value. Call 315-794-6941 to learn more about patio services.

Why choose a concrete patio?

Why choose a concrete patio?

While other patio building materials are available, over more than 20 years, the leader of our company has seen the strength of concrete patios. Concrete patios are durable and invulnerable to rot, retaining a fresh, stone-like look for longer than many other patios. Consult one of our patio installation professionals about whether this is the right option for your property.